Windy Mesa Australian Shepherds

Beamer X Gabby

2008 Litter


DOB 8/12/08
4 Boys:
1 black bi, 1 black tri, 1 red tri, 1 red merle

WindyMesa RufNTumbleRedi2Rumble CGC RN DNA-VP



male  ~  black bi  ~  red-factored  ~  brown eyes  ~  full tail/docked  ~  intact
21 1/2" tall  ~  55 lbs.  ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite
eyes cleared  ~  HSF4 clear  ~  hips OFA good  ~  mdr1 normal/normal by parentage  ~  patellas normal

Bruiser's a really great dog. He's a rough and tumble boy, with no quit and a heart of gold. When he's happy to see people, he stands on his hind legs to greet them, and his nub doesn't just wiggle, it vibrates! He loves a good game of fetch or Frisbee, and has enough stamina to go all day long. He has a moderately dominant personality, though he is happily a middle-of-the-pack dog. He is very self-assured and high-energy at times, but he is biddable and easy to train. He can also be quite affectionate when it suits him, and loves to receive attention and have his belly scratched. He has excellent natural herding ability with the talent to really excel as a stockdog.

  Click here to visit Bruiser's Webpage


Windy Mesa's One Bodacious Dude



male  ~  red merle w/ copper & white  ~  blue eyes  ~  full tail/docked  ~  neutered
20 1/2"  ~  50 lbs.  ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite
mdr1 normal/normal by parentage  ~  patellas normal

Bode is named after his great-grandsire Hangin' Tree Dude. Bode is very sweet, and loves to snuggle and have his belly rubbed. He has beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous markings and very dark red coloring. His favorite things to do are chew on toys and be with his person. He has a dominant personality, but responds well to firm, consistent handling. He's very attentive and learns quickly. He's quite shy and very sensitive, but he is also one tough guard dog. He gets along well with other dogs, and is a wonderful companion. On cattle, he has a natural understanding of balance and does not put unnecessary pressure on his stock, but won't hesitate to hit heads and heels when the need arises.

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male  ~  dark red tri  ~  amber eyes  ~  full tail/docked  ~  neutered
20" tall  ~  42 lbs. ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite
mdr1 normal/normal by parentage  ~  unilateral medial luxating patella

Cooper lives in Pacific Grove, CA with Erica, Brandon, and two pups from the Sonny x Coco Litter, Griffin and Scarlett. Cooper can be extremely ornery, exploding with non-stop energy. He's also very sensitive to peoples' energies (just like his sire), and he can be fearful of strangers at times. He's a big cuddler, and loves to snuggle. He also loves to play in the water, whether it's swimming, playing in the spinklers, or chasing the water hose. He certainly has plenty of herding instinct, which he puts to good use by herding the cats, brooms, garden rakes, and pretty much anything else he can find. He's a very bright, intelligent boy that is very much loved, and living the good life on the Pacific Coast.
Click here to watch young Cooper and his old friend Taylor playing tug - that big dog met her match with this tough little pup! 

NOTE: Cooper was diagnosed with a medial luxating patella on his right hind leg at 5 months of age.
At last report, he was no longer showing signs of pain or lameness, and seems to have recovered just fine without the need for surgery. 



Chris' Little Buddy


male  ~  black tri  ~  brown eyes  ~  full tail/docked

Little Buddy went to the Rainbow Bridge at 5 weeks of age. He was a very sweet puppy with a wonderful temperament, sweet personality and great confidence. He got along very well with other dogs and people, and showed no fear when meeting new people or animals. At 4 weeks of age, he was already following Chris around the property like a faithful little companion, without the need for a leash. Little Buddy would have made a superb companion, and an excellent performance partner. The cause of death is unknown, but we suspect that it was intestinal blockage.




Beamer X Gabby litter
COI: 20.52%
Rising Sun Jim Beam CGC DNA-CP
red merle w/ copper & white   3/11/05
AS-269966G31M-PI   F=31.41%
E143322   DN10412701   AU-03518930
WTCH Diamond S C Hangin'5 Joker RTDs PATDsc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   5/20/95
AS-1084G26M   F=17.13%
E75121   DL80406802
red merle c/w   6/16/92
Hangin Tree Spook STDds OTDc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=6.59%
Hangin Tree Roja
red bi   F=6.59%
C Hangin' 5 Midnight Tazz STDdsc
black bi (rf)   4/27/94
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear RDg RTDsc PATDc DNA-CP
black tri   F=0.00%
HOF Peters Ranch Razzberry STDc OTDds
red merle w   F=11.14%
Rising Sun Wisota Sioux STDdsc
red tri   6/30/01
AS-19308G32F-PI   F=21.40%
E118442   DL88488506
red merle c/w   6/16/92
Hangin Tree Spook STDds OTDc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=6.59%
Hangin Tree Roja
red bi   F=6.59%
HOF WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-CP
red bi   2/19/95
WTCH Hangin Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDsc PATDsc DNA-CP
blue merle w (rf)   F=18.71%
HOF Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDdsc
red bi   F=7.84%
Legends StarN WannaTalkBoutMe CGC DNA-VP
black bi (red-factored)   11/4/04
AS-22943G24F-PI   F=16.30%
E137232   DN09363204   AU-03690529
Legends High Noon Cooper STDd OTDsc  DNA-VP
blue merle c/w   2/3/02
AS-19078G24M-PI   F=21.97%
E120177   DN00329102
HOT WTCH NT Connected LuckyRTDsc HSAdsc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   3/26/99
WTCH Diamond S Just Do It NT DNA-CP
red merle c/w   F=3.68%
Four Bar X Cola of PetersRanch RD STDdsc DNA-CP
blue merle w   F=21.42%
HOF WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs DNA-CP
black tri (rf)   9/27/97
red merle c/w   F=31.67%
Diamond S Gem
black tri   F=16.05%
Ruff Stock Legends Cowgirl Up STDdsc DNA-VP
black bi (rf)   9/4/01
AS-18759G25F-PI   F=11.67%
E118608   DL91789901   S39416/2005
HOF WTCHHangin Tree Huck FinnRD DNA-CP
blue merle w (rf)   3/4/96
F= 16.05%
Hangin Tree Huckleberry
blue merle w (rf)   F=37.76%
Hangin Tree Cricket STDdsc
blue merle c/w   F= 0.00%
Ruff Stock Red Licorice DNA-CP
red tri  2/23/98
Bar LW Hard Way To Ruff Stock OTDcd
red tri   F=19.10%
WTCH Ruff Stock Eye Got Ewe Babe RD DNA-CP
red merle c/w   F=17.43%
Not sure what the letters in red mean? Check out our Aussie Titles   page for an explanation.


Puppy Pictures





1 week old




2 weeks




3 weeks




4 weeks




5 weeks




6 weeks




7 weeks





8 weeks



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