Bruiser X Belle
2012 Litter

Bred by Michael Gustafson, "H" Factor Ranch


DOB 12/16/12

3 Boys:  1 red bi, 1 red tri, 1 blue merle bi
3 Girls:  1 red merle bi, 1 red merle tri, 1 blue merle bi

HFactor Ruf N Tuf Hard 2 Bluff



male  ~  dark red bi  ~  amber eyes

As a newborn, Pard was very special to me: like his sire and grandsire, he was the firstborn in his litter, firstborn male to his dam and sire, and the largest puppy in the litter. From the start, he was a quiet, independent boy, that LOVED to herd chickens! Now that he's a little older, he thoroughly enjoys playing with others (human or canine), and he loves to cuddle! He lives with Kitty and his two Aussie buddies, Rowdy and Snuffy in Amarillo, TX, where he's grown up playing in the park, riding with friends and swimming in the pool. He and Kitty also look forward to doing some agility training in the future. He's the spitting image of his daddy, Bruiser, only in red!

Super Awesome Pup



female  ~  red merle w/ white  ~ one blue eye, one amber w/ blue eye

As a pup, Sap was a real sweetheart, and a fast learner. She lives with Kim, her family and Sap's new Rottweiler "brother" in Bloomfield, NM. We don't hear of her very often, but word has it she's a holy terror, especially when it comes to chickens.



female  ~  red merle w/ copper & white  ~  one amber eye, one blue eye

Marly is a clone of her mother, Belle! She's very spirited, and always seems to be doing something. She's fearless and not shy to let you know that she's the boss. Last we heard, Marly was living on a ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Scarlet Rose's Bad Whiskey



pictured below at 4 months old

female  ~  blue merle w/ white (red-factored)  ~  one brown eye, one brown eye w/ blue fleck  ~  spayed

Scarlet's markings make her quite the head-turner! She's very friendly and affectionate, but can be a little bossy and quite a handful. She's also very intelligent, a fast learner, and a problem-solver - just like her sire! She's quick, agile, and always ready to play! After training with Regina and the K-9 Forensics Team out of Albuquerque, NM for Human Remains Detection, Scarlet is now certified for HRD! Currently living in Farmington, NM.



male  ~  blue merle w/ white (red-factored)  ~  blue eyes  ~  neutered

Oscar, named after Oscar the Grouch, is a serious pup, and was the first of his littermates to growl and bark. He is also very loving, and always wants to be the center of attention. Retained by his breeder, Oscar has grown up on the "H" Factor Ranch in Blanco, NM, working cattle and keeping the chickens rounded up and the horses in check - he's one serious guardian! If his bark doesn't get your attention, his beautiful markings and piercing blue eyes are sure to turn your head.



male  ~  dark red tri  ~  amber eyes

Buck was born the smallest of his littermates, but it wasn't long before he became the biggest. He has more bone than the rest of his siblings, and with his dominant nature, he certainly wasn't afraid to throw his weight around! Originally, Buck was retained by his breeder, but was later rehomed and turned up missing . If you come across a handsome, full grown dark red tri Aussie that resembles this little puppy, please let us know! We'd love to know what happened to this poor guy, who had so much potential.



Bruiser X Belle Puppies
ASCA registered

WindyMesa RufNTumbleRedi2Rumble
black bi (red-factored)   8/12/08
AS-28086G34M-VPI   F= 20.52%
E162010   DN22216701
Rising Sun Jim Beam CGC DNA-CP
red merle w/ copper & white   3/11/05
AS-269966G31M-PI   F=31.41%
E143322   DN10412701   AU-03518930
WTCH  Diamond S C Hangin'5 Joker RTDs PATDsc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   5/20/95    F= 17.13%
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Dude RD RTDsc PATDsc DNA-CP
C Hangin' 5 Midnight Taz STDdsc
Rising Sun Wisota Sioux STDdsc
red tri   6/30/01    F=21.40%
HOF WTCH  Hangin Tree Dude RD RTDsc PATDsc DNA-CP
HOF Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDc DNA-CP
Legends StarN WannaTalkBoutMe  CGC DNA-VP
black bi (red-factored)   11/4/04
AS-22943G24F-PI   F=16.30%
E137232   DN09363204   AU-03690529
Legends High Noon Cooper  STDd OTDsc  DNA-VP
blue merle c/w   2/3/02
HOF WTCH NT Connected Lucky  RTDsc HSAdsc DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs DNA-CP
Ruff Stock Legends Cowgirl Up  STDdsc DNA-VP
black bi (rf)   9/4/01
HOF WTCH  Hangin Tree Huck Finn RD DNA-CP
Ruff Stock Red Licorice DNA-CP
"H" Factor Belle DNA-CP
red merle c/w   10/27/10
AS-29976G28F-VPI   F= 3.25%
Snider's Red Theodore
red tri   9/14/97   F= 34.93%
E93625   DL70802001
Oliver's Eric The Red
red tri   7/8/85   F=30.10%
WTCH CH The Hawk Of Las Rocosa CD RDg RDX RTDc
Oliver's Kozy
Amberlee Rose
red tri   3/25/91   F=5.18%
Oliver's Eric The Red
Snider's Scarlet Sue

Sister Of The Pine
red merle c/w   7/4/08   F = 2.46%

Pudge Tuffy McSpadden DNA-VP
red merle c/w   10/29/06   F= 0.00%
Teresa's Tuffy Bear  DNA-CP
Teresa's Josie Girl  DNA-CP
Cherry Blossum Of HighHope DNA-VP
red tri   6/26/05   F= 1.10%
HighHopes Rowdy DNA-VP
Angel Of Mercy Abigail  DNA-VP
Not sure what the letters in  red mean? Check out our Aussie Titles  page for an explanation.



Puppy Pictures





1 week old




4 weeks





6 weeks












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