Windy Mesa Australian Shepherds

Dog Names


This is a list of names I've put together over the years. I'm constantly adding new names all the time, so check back often. If you still can't find a name that you like, some other names you can use are famous people's names, foreign words, common phrases, planets, cities, guns, Indian names, tribes, epic heroes, songs, lyrics, movie titles, birds, flowers, beverages, desserts, candy..... you name it! :-) You can also name them after one of their ancestors.


A' La Mode
A Moment In Time
A Star Is Born
Absolute Victory
Absolutely Positively
Ace of Spades
Aces Wild
Action Jackson
Action Packed
Add To The Beauty
Ain't Got Nut'n On Me
Ain't He A Dream
Ain't She A Dream
Alexander The Great
All Ablaze
All Aces
All American Gal/Guy
All Fired Up
All In A Day's Work
All Star
All That Glitters Is Gold
All That Jazz
All The Rave
All Tuckered Out
Almond Roca
Amazing Grace
Amber Queen
American Beauty
American Daughter
American Express
Amiga Mia
And Away We Go
Angel Face
Annie Get Yer Gun
Annie Oakley
Apple Blossom
Apricot Nectar
Are Ewe Lookin' At Me?
As A Matter Of Fact
At Rainbow's End
Auburn Summer
Autumn Sunrise
Autumn Sunset
Baby Love
Baby Ruth
Back In A Flash
Back In Black
Back To Basics
Bad Moon Rising
Bad To The Bone
Bahama Mama
Bang For Your Buck
Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree
Batteries Not Included
Bavarian Cream
Bazooka Joe
Be My Valentine
Beauty By Design
Beauty Secret
Been There Done That
Believe It Or Not
Belle Of the Ball
Bettin' On Black
Bettin' On Red
Betty Boop
Beyond Tomorrow
Big Cahoona
Big Jake
Big Mac
Big Secret
Billy The Kid
Bit O' Honey
Bite The Bullet
Black Evening Gown
Black Jade
Black Knight
Black Licorice
Black Magic Woman
Black 'N Blue
Black Pearl
Black Velvet
Black Water
Blackberry Brandy
Blast From the Past
Blaze Of Glory
Blazin' the Trail
Blinded By the Light
Blink Of An Eye
Blue-Eyed Boy
Blue-Eyed Girl
Blue Angel
Blue Bonnet
Blue Crush
Blue Evening Gown
Blue Girl
Blue Jeans
Blue Light Special
Blue Mist
Blue Moon Rising
Blue Nile
Blue Raja
Blue Steel
Blue Storm
Blue Stranger
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Tuxedo
Blushing Beauty
Boot Scoot 'N Boogie
Bound For Glory
Bow 'N Arrow
Brass Act
Brass Tax
Breakin' Away
Breakin' The Rules
Bred From Heaven
Briar Rose
Bridge The Gap
Bring It On
Brown-Eyed Boy
Brown-Eyed Girl
Brush With Fate
Brush With Success
Buena Vista
Buffalo Bill Cody
Bull Rider
Burning Desire
Bustin' Out
By A Landslide
C'mon And Dance
California Dreamin'
Call Me Crazy
Calm Before The Storm
Can Ewe C Me
Can You Feel the Heat
Can You See Me
Can't Be Persuaded
Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Help Myself
Can't Stop Thinkin' of Ewe
Candy Girl
Candy Kisses
Captain Jack Sparrow
Caramel Macchiatto
Cardinal Song
Care Bear
Carefree Delight
Carefree Wonder
Caribbean Cruise
Cash Prize
Carves In Sandstone
Carved In Stone
Cast A Shadow
Cast In Silver
Cat Ballou
Catch Me If You Can
Causin' Trouble
Cayenne Pepper
Cerveza Buena
Chance Of A Lifetime
Chantilly Lace
Charge It
Charlie's Angel
Charlie Brown
Charming Dancer
Cherish The Thought
Cherokee Princess
Cherokee Rose
Cherokee Warrior
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Cola
Cheyenne Autumn
Chica Bonita
Chili Pepper
Chili Roja
China Doll
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Christian Dior
Cinco de Mayo
Cinnamon Twist
City Slicker
Class Act
Classy Kind O' Gal
Cloud Dancer
Clowning Around
Coca Cola Kid
Collector's Edition
Color Magic
Color Me Happy
Come Go With Me
Command Performance
Common Sense
Constance Spry
Constant Reminder
Cool Breeze
Cool Water
Cottage Rose
Cover Girl
Cowboy Up
Cowgirl Up
Coyote Ugly
Cracker Jack
Crazy About Ewe
Crimson Tide
Crowd Pleaser
Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Crystal Blue Persuassion
Crystal Chandeliere
Cummins Diesel
Custom Blend
Custom Design
Custom Made
Cut To the Chase
Cutie Pie
Cuttin' Loose
Dance N Romance
Dance The Night Away
Dances With Wolves
Dancin' In Blue Jeans
Dancing' In The Moonlight
Dancin' In The Street
Dancing Kachina Doll
Dancing Queen
Danger Zone
Dani California
Daniel Ocean
Danke Shoen
Danny Boy
Dark Knight
Dark Roast
Date With Destiny
Daughter Of Grace
Dawn Rider
Daydreamin' Boy
Deal Or No Deal
Death Before Dishonor
Deja Vu
Delta Dawn
Desert Peace
Desert Rose
Desert Sky
Deuces Wild
Diamond In The Rough
Diamond In the Sky
Diamonds Are Forever
Dirty Martini
Divine Intervention
Dixie Chick
Do Ewe Wanna Dance
Doc Holiday
Dog Named Boo
Don't Need To Be Coy Roy
Don't Steal My Thunder
Don't Tread On Me
Dot Com
Double Delight
Double Deuces
Double Feature
Down the Hatch
Dream A Little Dream
Dream Catcher
Dream Come True
Dream Lover
Dream Maker
Dream Weaver
Dressed To Impress
Drop Off the Key Lee
Dry Martini
Dusty Rose
Eagle Eye
Early Riser
Earth Angel
Easy Does It
Easy Lover
Easy Lovin'
Easy On The Eyes
Eden Rose
Egyptian Goddess
El Dorado
Enchanted Autumn
End Of The Trail
Enemy At The Gate
Etched In Marble
Ewe And Me Endlessly
Ewe Know It
Ewe Red My Mind
Expect The Best
Eye Catcher
Eye On The Target
Fair Bianca
Fancy In Blue
Fancy In Red
Feel The Fire
Feel The Heat
Feeling Lucky
Fiery Red-Head
Final Countdown
Final Destination
Final Frontier
Finishing Touch
Finger On The Trigger
Fire In The Sky
Fire 'N Ice
First Prize
Five Card Charlie
Five Card Draw
Five Card Stud
Flash Of Blue
Flash Of Lightning
Flash Of Red
Flight Of The Phoenix
Flirting With Destiny
Footloose 'N Fancy Free
Forever & For Always
Forget Me Not
Four Of A Kind
Fox Trot
Foxy Lady
Fred Astaire
Freshwater Pearl
Front Runner
Full Moon Rising
Full Throttle
Future Character
Gamblin' Man
Genetic Miracle
Gentle Whisper
Gentleman Jim
Genuine Article
Get Your Dancin' Shoes
Gin Rummy
Ginger Rogers
Git 'Er Done
Git'n 'Er Done
Glitter & Gold
Glory Be
Glory Days
Glowing Expression
Go For Broke
Gold Digger
Gold Dust
Gold Rush
Golden Embers
Gone & Done It
Gone With the Wind
Good Luck Charm
Good Ol' Boy
Good Vibrations
Got My Mind Set On Ewe
Gotta Love It
Gotta Love Me
Grace Like Rain
Grand Distinction
Grand Finale
Grand Slam
Great Expectations
Gypsy Rose
Handsome Man
Happy Go Lucky
Happy Hour
Have You Heard
He's A Rebel
He's So Fine
Head Over Heels
Heart Breaker
Heart O' Gold
Hearts On Fire
Heaven On Earth
Heaven Musta Sent Ewe
Heaven Sent
Heaven's Merciful Rain
Here Comes The Sun
Here Comes Trouble
Here's Lookin' At Ewe
Hershey's Cocoa
Hershey's Dark Chocolate
Hershey's Kiss
Hey, You
High Class
High Five
High Noon
High Plains Drifter
High Roller
Hit The Road Jack
Hole In One
Hollaback Girl
Honey Bouquet
Honey Bunny
Honeysuckle Rose
Honorable Mention
Hop On the Bus Gus
Hopes And Dreams
Hot 'N Spicy
Hot Child In the City
Hot Chocolate
Hot Tamale
Hot To Trot
How Do You Do
How The West Was Won
Hugs & Kisses
I Dream Of Jeanie
I Go Walkin' After Midnight
I Got Style
I Got the Blues
I Got You Babe
I Herd Ewe Talkin'
I Love Ewe
I Need Ewe So
I Wanna Be A Cowboy
I'll Be Coming For Ewe
I'm All Shook Up
Ice Road Trucker
If Looks Could Kill
Image Maker
Image Of Greatness
Image Of Perfection
Imagine the Possibilities
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Design
Imperial Topaz
In A New York Minute
In Like Flint
In My Wildest Dreams
Indian Summer
Indigo Blue
Inquisitive Nature
Inspirational Performance
Iron Will
Island In The Sky
Isn't He Handsome
Isn't She Lovely
It's All An Illusion
It's All In the Game
J'dore Dior
Jack Daniels
Jack Frost
Jack Of All Trades
Jacks Are Wild
Jacob's Ladder Climber
Jazzin' It Up
Jesse James
Jim Dandy
Joan Of Arc
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Come Lately
Jokers Wild
Joseph's Coat
Julius Caesar
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Just A Little Bit O' Luck
Just In Time
Just Joey
Just My Imagination
Just My Luck
Just The Ticket
Kachina Doll
Keep On Keepin' On
Keep On Truckin'
Keepin' It Real
King Of Hearts
King Of the Hill
King Of the Pecos
King's Ransom
Kissed By A Star
Kissing Kate
Kit 'N Kaboodle
Knight In Shining Armor
Knock On Wood
Knock Out
Kodak Moment
Lacy Valentine
Ladies Love Me
Ladies Man
Lady Bug
Lady Hawk
Lady In Red
Lady Of The Dawn
Last Man Standing
Lasting Effect
Lasting Peace
Lavender Dream
Lavender Lass
Leading Lady
Lean On Me
Leave It To Me
Lend A Hand
Let Freedom Ring
Let's Get Ready To Rumble
Let's Get To It
Let's Make A Deal
Let Me At 'Em
Liberty Bell
Light Of My Life
Light My Fire
Lights On Broadway
Lilac Charm
Limited Edition
Little Audrey
Little Big Man
Little Bit
Little Bit O' Magic
Little Bit O' Paradise
Little Black Dress
Little Bo Peep
Little Buddy
Little Darlin'
Little Deuce Coupe
Little Less Conversation
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Little Orphan Annie
Little Rascal
Little Red Corvette
Little Sister
Live Without Warning
Livin' It Up
Lock & Load
Lock Stock & Barrel
Lonely Without You
Lonesome Cowboy
Look Who's Talking

Lost In The Moment
Lost In Time
Lottery Ticket
Love Bug
Love Comes Naturally
Love Me Tender
Love Potion
Lover Boy
Luck Be A Lady
Luck of the Draw
Lucky Charm
Lucky Luke
Lucky Star
Lunar Eclipse
Macho Man
Mad About Ewe
Made In The Shade
Made You Look
Magic Mountain
Magna Carta
Make A New Plan Stan
Make A Wish
Make It So
Make Or Break
Mama Duz Dance
Mamma Mia!
Man About Town
Man In Black
Mano Y Mano
Marco Polo
Mardi Gras
Mary Jane
Masked Bandit
Matchstick Man
Mercedes Benz
Mercy Me
Mi Amor
Mickey Blue Eyes
Midas Touch
Midnight Rendezvous
Midnight Stranger
Midnight Wanderer
Midsummer Night's Dream
Mighty Redwood
Mind Your Business
Mind Your Manners
Mini Cooper
Miracles Do Happen
Miss All-American Beauty
Miss America
Miss B. Haven
Miss Behavin'
Miss Congeniality
Miss Daisy
Miss Independent
Mission: Impossible
Mistress Of Mischief
Mixin' It Up
Modern Marvel
Mon Ami
Money Maker
Monster Mash
Moon Shadow
Moonlight Sonata
Moulin Rouge
Mr. Big Stuff
Mr. Independent
Mr. Personality
Much Ado About Nothin'
Murphy's Law
Mustang Sally
My Affection
My Baby Love
My Blue Heaven
My Darling
My Fair Lady
My Kinda Guy/Gal
My Lips Are Sealed
My Little Darling
Narrow Escape
Natural Pearl
Need For Speed
Never Say Die
Never Say Never
Nick Of Time
Night Hawk
Nights On Broadway
No Doubt About It
No Foolin'
No Nonsense
No Questions Asked
No Reservations
No Turning Back
Not Without Charm
Notable Accomplishment
Notable Performance
Nothin' But The Best
Nothin' To Lose
Now We're Cookin'
Now You're Talkin'
Numero Uno
O'Reilly Factor
Object Of My Affection
Ochoco Daughter
Odd Man Out
Ode To Joy
Oh My Darling
Oh So Cute
Oh So Rare
Oh What A Night
Old Glory
On Cloud Nine
On The Mark
One In A Million
One For the Money
One Life To Live
One More Time
One Of A Kind
One Tough Cookie
Once And For All
Once In A Blue Moon
Once In A Lifetime
Once Upon A Time
Only Time Will Tell
Optimistic Disposition
Oreo Cookie
Oriental Charm
Painted Lady
Painted Vision
Pandora's Box
Party Girl
Pastel Masterpiece
Patent Pending
Pay It Forward
Peach Blossom
Peaches & Cream
Pearls Of Wisdom
Pedal To the Metal
Pen 'N Ink
Perfect Blend
Perfect Moment
Perfect Storm
Petty Cash
Phantom Of The Opera
Picture Perfect
Picture This
Pied Piper
Pina Colada
Pinta Pequena
Pinch Me I'm Dreaming
Pipin' Hot
Pistol Pete
Platinum Edition
Poetic Justice
Poetry In Motion
Porcelain Angel
Porcelain Doll
Pot O' Gold
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Powder Puff Girl
Power Stroke
Power Surge
Precious Gem
Premier Event
Pretty As A Princess
Pretty Boy
Pretty Girl
Pretty Senorita
Prima Ballerina
Prince Charming
Proud Mary
Queen Bee
Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts
Queen's Gambit
Quick Draw
Quite A Gal
Quote Me On That
Raggedy Andy
Raggedy Ann
Rags To Riches
Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Knock Out
Rainbow's End
Rare Beauty
Razzle Dazzle
Reach For The Sky
Reach For The Stars
Ready To Rumble
Rebel Rouser
Red-Headed Stranger
Red Bull
Red Cascade
Red Devil
Red Hot Chili Pepper
Red Hot Lava
Red Hot Mama
Red Hot Poker
Red Hot Special
Red Licorice
Red October
Red Red Wine
Red River
Red Storm
Red Velvet
Reign Of Fire
Remember Me
Repeat After Me
Rhapsody In Blue
Rhyme Or Reason
Rhythm In Blues
Richy Rich
Riddle Me This
Right-Hand Man
Right On Cue
Right Up My Ally
Ring Of Fire
Rio Bravo
Rip-Roarin' Good Time
Ripple Effect
Rising Star
Rock Me Amadeus
Rock 'N Roll
Rockin' Robin
Rocky Road
Rollin' Thunder
Rolling Stone
Romantic Classic
Rookie Of the Year
Rooster Cogburn
Rose Quartz
Rough 'N Tumble
Rough Stuff
Rowdy Behavior
Roy Rogers
Royal Amethyst
Royal Cruise
Royal Flush
Royal Sunset
Royal Temperance
Ruby Red
Ruff'n Em Up
Rum & Coke
Rumor Has It
Run-Around Sue
Run Like The Blazes
Russian Roulette
Rustler's Rhapsody
Sage-Brush With Success
Saki 2 Me
Salt Of the Earth
Saltwater Pearl
Samba King/Queen
Santa Fe
Sapphire Eyes
Saturday Night Fever
Say Anything
Say It Ain't So
Say What
Scarlet Beauty
Scenic Beauty
Scotch On The Rocks
Sealed With A Kiss
Secret Ingredient
Secret Lover
Sense & Sensibility
Settin' The Standard
Shadow Dancer
Shadow On the Sun
Shake 'N Bake
Shake Rattle 'N Roll
Shaniko Daze
She Don't Know She's Beautiful
She's A Bad Mama-Jama
She's A Wild One
She's Electric
She's So Fine
She's The One
Sheer Bliss
Sheer Magic
Shining Hour
Shining Star
Shocking Blue
Shoot The Moon
Shooting Star
Shoulda Been A Cowboy
Show & Tell
Shrinking Violet
Sierra Vista
Sight For Sore Eyes
Silver Bell
Silver Dollar
Silver Lining
Silver Moon
Silver Star
Simon Says
Simplee Implee
Simply Sublime
Singin' The Blues
Singing Cowboy
Six Shooter
Sizzlin' Sensation
Sky's The Limit
Slice Of Heaven
Slip Out the Back Jack
Smart Remark
Smartie Pants
Smokey Quartz
Smokin' Gun
Smokin' Hot
Smooth Melody
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Talker
So U Think U Can Dance
Sock It To Me
Solar Eclipse
Solar Flair
Soldier Of Fortune
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Somethin's Brewin'
Something Special
Something To Talk About
Something's Gotta Give
Son Of Fury
Southern Comfort
Sparks Are Flyin'
Special Blend
Special Delivery
Special Edition
Special Request
Stainless Steel
Stand By Me
Standing Ovation
Star Gazer
Steady As She Goes
Steal My Sunshine
Stealth Bomber
Sterling Silver
Still The One
Stitch In Time
Stone Cold
Stop & Stare
Stop Drop & Roll
Stormy Night
Straight Shooter
Straight Talker
Straight Up
Strawberry Dacquiri
Strike A Pose
Strike It Rich
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Magnolia
Sugar Mama
Sugar 'N Spice
Summer Solstice
Summer's Eve
Summertime Blues
Sun Sprinkles
Sunny Come Home
Sunny Daze
Sunrise Over the Ocean
Sunset Celebration
Sunset Over the Ocean
Sunset Serenade
Sunshine After the Rain
Sure Bet
Sure Shot
Sure Thing
Suzie Q
Sweet & Innocent
Sweet Child O' Mine
Sweet Disposition
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Emotion
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Harmony
Sweet Sensation
Sweet Success
Sweet Surrender
Sweet Talker
Sweet Talkin' Dude
Syren Song
Tag You're It
Tailor-Made For Ewe
Tainted Love
Take A Chance On Me
Take 'Em By Storm
Take Five
Taken By Surprise
Takes Two To Tango
Takin' It Easy
Tasmanian Devil
Taste The Rainbow
Te Amo
Teddy Bear
Tell It Like It Is
Tempted By An Angel
Tequila Rose
Tequila Sunrise
Texas Cyclone
Thank My Lucky Stars
Thankful For Ewe
That's All Folks
The Beat Goes On
The Big Show
The Eyes Have It
The Final Frontier
The Jig Is Up
The Real Deal
The Real McCoy
This Buds For You
Thunder Underground
Tiger Lily
Time In A Bottle
Tin Roof Sundae
To The Moon
Tom Foolery
Too Good To Be True
Tootsie Roll
Top Dawg
Top Of The Line
Topic Of Conversation
Total Reflection
Touch Of Class
Touched By An Angel
Tranquil Twilight
Trick Or Treat
True Blue
True Blue For Ewe
True Colors
True Grit
True Love Of Mine
Trust Me
Truth Or Dare
Turning Point
Turquiose Dream
Twice As Nice
Twilight Delight
U R My Sunshine
Up Close & Personal
Up The Ante
Vanity Fair
Vision In Black
Vision In Blue
Vision In Red
Vista Cruiser
Viva Las Vegas
Walk Of Fame
Walk On The Ocean
Walk This Way
Walkin' By Faith
Waltzing Matilda
War Bird
Watchin' Ewe Like A Hawk
Watercolor Masterpiece
Well Behaved
What A Catch
What Dreams Are Made Of
What In Blue Blazes
What You Wanna Do
What's Not To Love?
What's Up Doc
Whatcha Gonna Do
Where's The Beef?
Whisk Me Away
Whiskey Mac
Whispering Wind
Who's Laughin' Now?
Whole Lotta Style
Why So Serious?
Wild Bill
Wild Blue Yonder
Wild Child
Wild Honey
Wild One
Wild Thing
Willing 'N Able
Wingin' It
Winner Takes All
Winter Solstice
Wish Upon A Star
Wish Come True
With Honors
With Much Ado
With Or Without Ewe
Without A Trace
Without Reservations
Wizard Of Oz
Work Of Art
Wrinkle In Time
Wylee Coyote
Yakety Yak
Yosemite Sam
You Better Believe It
Yours Truly
Zig Zag
24 Karate Gold
#1 Performance


Word Substitutions

Here are a few suggestions for making a name appear shorter, have a double meaning, or just make it more fun:

I can be Eye
Try can be Tri
Little can be Lil
I See can be Icy
Light can be Lite
Rough can be Ruff
Heard can be Herd
By or Bye can be Bi
You can be Ewe or U
That's A can be Thatza
Quick can be Qwick or Qwik
Ready can be Redy or Redi
Lots Of can be Lotza
She's A can be Sheza
Are or Our can be R
Jeans can be Genes
Night can be  Nite
Blue can be Blu
True can be Tru
Easy can be EZ
And can be N
See can be C
S can be substituted with Z
Any word that sounds like a letter or number


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