Legends StarN WannaTalkBoutMe CGC DNA-VP


      COI 16.30%
black bi  ~  red-factored  ~  brown eyes  ~  full tail/docked
DOB 11/9/04  ~  18" tall  ~  32 lbs.  ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite  ~  spayed
eyes cleared  ~  hips OFA good  ~  elbows normal  ~  patellas normal  ~  mdr1 normal/normal
ASCA, AKC & CKC* registered
Nicknames: Gab-Gab, Gabby-Gal, Girlie, Mama, Foofy-Pants

Gabby is a sweet, petite girl with a heart of gold, coupled with very strong working and guardian instincts. She's an intense player who's quick on her feet, very agile and has excellent balance. When playtime's over, she's very affectionate and a wonderful snuggling companion. She's a very pretty Aussie, with dainty little legs. She has a huge desire to please, and is always willing to do whatever you ask of her. She has been started in obedience and has been worked on sheep, on which she has proven to have a great sense of group, lots of speed and natural fetch. Due to an injury to her stifle, she has never been trialed. With her breeding, awesome natural ability and high energy level, we're confident she would have been an excellent herding and agility partner.
Thank you to Steve, Anne, Stephanie and Shelby of Legends and StarN kennels for letting us have this wonderful girl!

Gabby & Guiness now live with Todd & Becca Hendrix & 4 children on 14 acres in Artesia, NM, where they get to live out their days as beloved family members.

NOTE: A pup from Gabby's first litter was diagnosed with a medial luxating patella.
Because it is considered to be a congenital condition, Gabby, the sire and all remaining pups in this litter
were also given patellar examinations; all results were normal.








Legends StarN WannaTalkBoutMe CGC DNA-VP
black bi (red-factored)   11/4/04
AS-22943G24F-PI   F=16.30%
E137232   DN09363204   AU-03690529
Legends High Noon Cooper STDd OTDsc DNA-VP
blue merle w/ copper & white   2/3/02
AS-19078G24M-PI   F=21.97%
E120177   DN00329102
HOT WTCH NT Connected Lucky RTDsc HSAdsc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   3/26/99
AS-16002G28M-PI   F=10.03%
E111491   DL87230801
WTCH Diamond S Just Do It NT DNA-CP
red merle c/w   2/18/96   F=3.68%
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Dude RD RTDsc PATDsc DNA-CP
red merle c/w   F=31.67%
HOF 45 Ranch Blackberry Brandy
black tri   F=10.73%
HOF Four Bar X Cola of PetersRanch RD STDdsc DNA-CP
blue merle w   12/28/95   F=21.42%
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear RDg RTDsc PATDc DNA-CP
black tri   F=0.00%
Peters Ranch Blueberry
blue merle c/w   F=11.14%
HOF WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs DNA-CP
black tri (rf)   9/27/97
AS-13954G26F   F=17.53%
E93312   DL81136601
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Dude RD RTDsc PATDsc DNA-CP
red merle c/w   12/25/90   F=31.67%
Hangin Tree Spook STDds OTDc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=6.59%
Hangin Tree Roja
red bi   F=6.59%
Diamond S Gem
black tri   3/4/96   F=16.05%
Hangin Tree Huckleberry
blue merle w (rf)   F=37.76%
Hangin Tree Cricket STDdsc
blue merle c/w   F=0.00%
Ruff Stock Legends Cowgirl Up STDdsc DNA-VP
black bi (red-factored)   9/4/01
AS-18759G25F-PI   F=11.67%
E118608   DL91789901   S39416/2005
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Huck Finn RD DNA-CP
blue merle w (rf)   3/4/96
Hangin Tree Huckleberry
blue merle w (rf)   8/13/87   F=37.76%
HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Red Zephyr RDX
red tri   F=8.15%
Hangin Tree Blue Lady
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=21.45%
Hangin Tree Cricket STDdsc
blue merle c/w   6/6/88   F=0.00%
Hangin Tree Buddy
black bi   F=15.63%
HOF Zephyrs Angel Blue RDX
blue merle c/w   F=28.06%
Ruff Stock Red Licorice DNA-CP
red tri  2/23/98
Bar LW Hard Way To Ruff Stock OTDcd
red tri   9/17/94   F=19.10%
WTCH Crownpoint Inspirator Bar LW RDX
red tri   NBT   F=13.89%
Bar LW Ty One On
black tri (rf)   F=17.84%
WTCH Ruff Stock Eye Got Ewe Babe RD DNA-CP
red merle c/w   6/17/93   F=17.43%
WTCH Las Rocosa Kyack RDg DNA-CP
red merle c/w   F=31.14%
Deharos Mystic Mistress Cali DNA-CP
black tri (rf)   F=8.43%
Not sure what the letters in redmean? Check out our Aussie Titles  page for an explanation.


Meet Gabby's Offspring

Beamer X Gabby Litter

WindyMesa RufNTumbleRedi2Rumble CGC RN DNA-VP "Bruiser"
(Beamer & Gabby)

Windy Mesa's One Bodacious Dude "Bode"
(Beamer & Gabby) 


Meet some of Gabby's Family

Gabby's sire Legends High Noon Cooper STDd OTDsc DNA-VP "Cooper"

Gabby's dam Ruff Stock Legends Cowgirl Up STDdsc DNA-VP "Dixie"
(Dixie is currently in Sweden as foundation working stock)

Littermate sister Molly
Half-brother (Ricco X Dixie) Crofter Holding's Mike
Half-brother (Jippo X Dixie) Cajiro's Star Dancer "Grappo"
Half-brother (Jippo X Dixie) Cajiro's Red Cloud "Yoggie"
Half-brother (Jippo X Dixie) Cajiro's Namid
Half-sister (Jippo X Dixie) Cajiro's Shawnee "Swicha"
Half-sister (Jippo X Dixie) Cajiro's Ciqala
Uncle (Cooper's brother) WTCH
Legends of Teewinot's Talon RTDsc PATDsc HATDIII DNA-VP "Talon"
Aunt (Cooper's sister) Legends Diamond Lil OTDc ATDds RTDc HTDIIsd HRDIIs DNA-VP "Lil"
Aunt (Cooper's sister) Legends Payin' The Piper STDsc DNA-VP "Piper"
Aunt (Dixie's sister) Ruff Stock Prairie Harvest DNA-VP "Chaf"
Aunt (Cooper's half-sister) ATCH WTCH Legends R Made For Ewe HTADIIs GV-E-SP AX MJX OAP NJP NF NFP "Maddie"
Uncle (Dixie's half-brother) Ruff Stock Grey Badger DNA-VP "Badger"
Uncle (Dixie's half-brother) Rising Sun Tom Sawyer STDsc OTDd DNA-VP "Tom"
Aunt (Dixie's half-sister) WTCH  Rising Sun Blue Paper Doll DNA-VP "Dolly"
Aunt (Dixie's half-sister) FDCH Ruff Stock Phantom Mestena OA NAJ RS-E JS-E GS-E TG-E SSA AD CGC "Myst"
Aunt (Dixie's half-sister) RuffStock Outlaw Josey Wales DNA-VP "Josey"
Aunt (Dixie's half-sister) Ruff Stock Blue Rose of Bajer "Rosa"
Grandsire HOF WTCH NT Connected Lucky RTDsc HSAdsc DNA-CP "Lucky"
Grandsire WTCH Hangin' Tree Huck Finn RD DNA-CP "Huck"
Granddam HOF WTCH
Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs DNA-CP "Rosy"
Great-Aunt (Lucky's sister) HOF WTCH  Hangin' Tree Trouble  DNA-CP "Trouble"
Great-Grandsire WTCH Diamond S Just Do It NT DNA-CP "Nike"
Great-Great-Aunt (Nike's sister) Diamond S Pepper DNA-CP "Pepper"
Great-Great-Aunt (Nike's sister) WTCH Diamond S Drifter "Drift"
Great-Great-Aunt (Nike's sister) WTCH Diamond S Dox Sidekick RTDs DNA-CP "Dox"

Great-Grandsire HOF WTCH
Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP "Dude"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear RDg RTDsc PATDc DNA-CP "Bear"


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