Windy Mesa Australian Shepherds



Welcome Home, Gabby!

Gabby's first days at Windy Mesa


      making friends with Sheila                                     cuddling with Chasie                                     snuggling with her new mommy



Hiking Largo Canyon and Gould Pass

         looking at petroglyphs                                        Citadel Ruin                                  standing out amid the scenery                           riding in the back of the pick-up



                                                                               "That was yummy!"                              first time on an agility course

playing with her all-time favorite type of toy


Gabby's first litter

       6 weeks pregnant                                           just a few more days to go


                                                                                 teaching her puppies how to use a crate.....
                                                                                or just trying to find some peace & quiet?






Gabby's Webpage


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Updated 11/1/09

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