Windy Mesa Australian Shepherds




2-4 weeks

Guiness is the upside-down puppy                                                                         Dreamin' about dinner                      Guiness is the cutie on the left      


6-8 weeks



10 weeks


Growing out of his crate - literally!                                                                                                                       


3 months

                                                                                 Father & Son


First time on an agility course (Family Pet Fun Day, Petco parking lot)

He's a natural!!!


4 months

      What a cutie!                            Guiness meets his first horse -                           Guiness & Chasie's rendition of                              Guiness & littermate Riley
              see note below                                      Wile E. Coyote vs. Roadrunner                 

As soon as Guiness spotted the horse, the first thing he did was start running wide circles around it - this was the first time he had exhibited herding instinct!


5-6 months




All Grown Up





Herding Instinct Testing by Dawna Sims








      Making funny faces

      Playing catch with his new buddy


Guiness' Webpage


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