Aerie Sky Walker Of Windy Mesa CGC RN DNA-VP


Pictured here @ 9 months old

blue merle w/ copper & white  ~  red-factored  ~  one blue eye & one brown w/ blue eye  ~  full tail/docked  ~  intact
DOB 5/11/12  ~  20" tall   ~   44 lbs.  ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite
eyes CAER/CERF clear  ~  hips OFA excellent  ~  elbows OFA normal
HSF4 clear  ~  CEA/CH normal  ~  CMR1 normal  ~  prcd-PRA normal  ~ MDR1 normal/normal
ASCA & AKC registered
Nicknames: Leia-Bella, Princess, Puppy Love, Little Monster

This gorgeous little lady comes to us from Aerie Aussies in Hesperus, CO. She's very energetic, a fast learner, and incredibly versatile. She has an impressive pedigree, combining great show lines with two of the best old-time working lines, Las Rocosa and Hangin' Tree. Her sire qualified in all three classes of stock at the 2006 ASCA Nationals, and placed 3rd in his Conformation class. Her dam placed 2nd in her class at ASCA Nationals, and finished her working championship at just 3 years of age. Leia LOVES to work ducks, and at just 8 weeks old was already instinctively heading them off, fetching them to the shepherd, and bringing back the strays. She's sure to be an awesome working dog! We've started showing her in Conformation, and her very first time in the show ring, at 12 weeks of age, she took Best of Breed Puppy under Breeder Judge Kimberly Golden! She is currently competing in Rally, and finished up her ASCA Rally Novice title with a score of 197! (Not bad for stepping out of the car after a 2-hour drive and straight into the trial ring!) She's such a fun Rally partner, I'm really looking forward to moving up to the Advanced level together. She is also training for Obedience, at which she is a natural, because she loves nothing more than to please her master. At just 9 months old, she won first place in her class at her very first Obedience Fun Match! We hope to make her debut (and mine) in the ASCA Obedience ring sometime in the near future. She's also played around a bit in Agility and Treibball, just for fun. Needless to say, Leia has a VERY promising future ahead of her!
Thank you to Ann Chernoff Allan (Aerie Aussies) for letting us have this incredible, wonderful girl! She is a dream come true!


HEALTH NOTE: A pup from Leia's first litter was born completely deaf.
There are no known relatives in the puppy's pedigree that are/were deaf, or were reported to have produced any deaf offspring.
Click here to read an article regarding deafness in Aussies from the ASCA website.



June 2014, taking first place in the Rally Novice B Class to finish her title under Judge Carol Tharnish (photo credit Lumos PhoDOGraphy)

At the 2013 4CASA Autumn Jubilee, shown by Reserve Junior Handler, Serena Arnold (photo credit Belinda Groth)

6 months old at the Zia ASC Show, December 2012 (photo credit ByVine Design)

When Leia was 10 months old, the tip of her right ear was unfortunately bitten off by another dog. Her ear is not naturally prick.

Leia with daughters Se7en and Maddie, October 2015









She LOVES her ducks! Pictured here at 7 weeks old.


Aerie Sky Walker Of Windy Mesa CGC RN DNA-VP   
blue merle c/w (red-factored)   5/11/12
AS-31347E25F-VPI   F=3.27%
E178006   DN34465209
HOF SVCH WTCH CH Tucker Creek Red Sky At Night HIsc HAd RTDsc SDAs CD RE DNA-VP 
red merle c/w   1/2/03
E130794   DN22647301   NA892193
blue merle c/w (rf)   9/17/93
AS-11648E49M-T   F=20.14%
E67561   DL50247101 
Ch Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf  STDs
blue merle c/w (rf)   
HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDdc
red merle c/w   9/11/81   F=24.20%
LasRocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone 
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=19.51%
Las Rocosa Riata
red tri   4/17/89  
F= 31.14
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle  RDX
red merle c/w   9/11/81   F=24.20%
Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
red merle c/w   10/14/84   F=20.35%
HOFX High Plains Pincie Crk Panda HI OTDsc ATDd DNA-CP
(a.k.a. Hollings Panda Bear)
red tri   7/26/00
F= 16.98%
E116059   KN673265
Peters Ranch Dillon DNA-CP
black bi (rf)   8/28/93   F=31.67%
Hangin' Tree Spook  STDds OTDc DNA-CP
blue merle (rf)   12/25/90   F=6.59%
Hangin' Tree Roja
red bi   12/25/90   F=6.59%
Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDdsc
red bi   3/25/96  
HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RDg RTDsc PATDsc CGC  DNA-CP
blue merle c/w   8/14/91   F=18.71%
HOF  Slash V Bittersweet Sis  STDdsc
red merle w   6/20/91   F=18.99%
black tri   3/21/08
AS-27222G31F-VPI   F=9.30%
E158645   DN21669102
HOF CH Heartfires Prairie Schooner CD AX AXJ RS-E JS-E GS-O
black tri   1/5/95
AS-11271G24M-T   F= 11.28%
E78510   DL61220407
HOF CH Heartfires Willin 'N' Able DNA-CP
blue merle c/w   3/25/94   F=6.45%
HOF CH Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross
blue merle c/w (rf)   3/29/89   F=9.22%
Ch Palomas Miss Moxette
black tri   2/13/91   F=7.99%
HOF CH Heartfires Cookies & Cream
black tri   1/12/93   F=14.92%
HOF CH Summertime Showdown of OldWest CGC DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=9.83%
Agua Dulces Sunday Silence
black tri   3/16/89   F=15.89%
HOF CH Lyrics Made Ya Look CGC OA OAJ JV-E RV-O RN
black tri (rf)   10/18/00
AS-17581G24F  F= 10.96%
E112923   DL85259005
Ch Propwash Ponder
red merle c/w   8/11/98   F=11.32%
HOF CH Carolinas I'm CN Red CD
red tri   1/17/88   F=5.59%
Ch Propwash Manape Hoodwink STDdsc
blue merle c/w (rf)   4/6/95   F=23.44%
Ch Lyrics Satin Doll CGC CDX NA NAJ RS-N
black tri   4/26/96   F=5.80%
HOF CH Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios  CGC CD
black tri (rf)   7/19/90   F=19.33%
HOF CH Sereds Lady Day CDX
blue merle c/w (rf)   5/9/93   F=3.07%
Not sure what the letters in  red mean? Check out our Aussie Titles   page for an explanation.


Meet Leia's Offspring

Sonny X Leia Litter

Windy Mesa's Made In The Shade DNA-VP "Maddie"
(Sonny X Leia)


Meet some of Leia's Family

Sire HOF SVCH WTCH CH Tucker Creek Red Sky At Night HIsc HAd RTDsc SDAs CD RE DNA-VP "Robby"

Dam HOF SVCH WTCH HTCH CH LyricEverready Black Ice Couloir  GS-E JS-E RS-E OFTDds RAX NA NAJ HIAs HIBd HTADIIIdsge HRDIsge DNA-CP  "Couloir"

Leia's Littermates


Littermate Aerie Back In Black JHD HCT HTADIs HTADIIge OTDsc ATDd RNX "Angus"

Littermate Aerie Hawkeye At Narita Farms JHDsg STDs "Hawk"

Littermate Ch Aerie Livn The Life At Shawndimae STDdc OTDs GS-O JS-O "Riley"
Littersister WTCH Aerie Anything Goes RN JHD HCT HTADId HTADIIIsge HRDIsge "Torri"

Grandsire HOF WTCH CH LasRocosa Toms Thunder RTDsc HA HTDIIId HTDIIs HRDIIs CD RN DNA-CP "Tucker" 
Grandsire HOF CH Heartfires Prairie Schooner CD AX AXJ RS-E JS-E GS-O ROMX "Schooner"
Granddam HOFX High Plains Pincie Creek Panda HI OTDsc ATDd DNA-CP "Panda" 
Granddam HOF CH Lyrics Made Ya Look CGC OA OAJ JV-E RS-N RN ROMXI "Maggie"
Great-Grandsire Ch Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs "Tommy"
Great-Grandsire Peters Ranch Dillon DNA-CP "Dillon"
Great-Grandsire HOF CH Heartfires Willin 'N' Able DNA-CP "Willie"
Great-Grandsire Ch Propwash Ponder
Great-Granddam Pincie Creek Bittersweet Babe RD STDdsc "Babe"
Great-Granddam HOF CH Heartfires Cookies & Cream "Oreo"

Great-Granddam Ch Lyrics Satin Doll CGC CDX NA NAJ RS-N "Sadie"

Great-Great-Grandsire HOF CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDdc "Wolf"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX "Kyle"
Great-Great-Grandsire Hangin' Tree Spook OTDc STDds DNA-CP "Spook"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RDg RTDcs PATDsc CGC "Bear"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF CH Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross "Rorie" 
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF CH Summertime Showdown of Old West CGC DNA-CP "Partner"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF CH Carolinas I'm CN Red CD "Arby"
Great-Great-Grandsire HOF CH Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios CGC CD "Toby"
Great-Great-Granddam Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
Great-Great-Granddam Las Rocosa Four A Blossom STDc
Great-Great-Granddam Hangin' Tree Roja "Roja"
Great-Great-Granddam HOF Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDdsc "Aggie"
Great-Great-Granddam Ch Paloma's Miss Moxette "Molly"
Great-Great-Granddam Agua Dulces Sunday Silence "Daisy"
Great-Great-Granddam Ch Propwash Manape Hoodwink STDdsc
Great-Great-Granddam HOF CH Sereds Lady Day CDX "Billie"


Other Family Members

Half-sister (Robby X Jade) Tucker Creeks I'm A Vixen To Win RTDsc OTDds ATDc HIdsc SDAs "Vicky"
Half-sister (Robby X Jade) Ch Tucker Creeks Red Sky In The Morning "Donner"
Half-sister (Robby X Jade) Ch TuckerCreek Cheyenne Aleshanee HIC DNA-VP "Cheyenne"
Uncle (Robby's littermate) WTCH HCHA CH  Tucker Creeks Tiger Coast HXdsc PATDs RTDsc AFTDds HTDIIIds RE DNA-CP "Tiger"
Aunt (Robby's littersister) TuckerCreek Ballad'O SallyRose STDc OTDs ATDd HS DNA-VP "SallyRose"
Uncle (Couloir's littermate) GCH Everreadys Don't Forget The Lyrics RE JS-O RS-N AX AXJ RN "Wayne"
Aunt (Couloir's littersister) Ch Everreadys Music And Lyrics "Drew"
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) SVCH WTCH HCHA CH A Little Flash Of Tucker Creek CDX HX AGXV SDA RN AGIJV HAdsc RTDsc PATDsc AFTDds RD GV-O JV-E RV-E HTDIIIds HTADIIIds DNA-VP "Flash" 
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) Ch Tucker Creeks Rookie Of The Year RTDsc OTDsc STDd HIds SDIs DNA-VP "Rooky"  
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) WTCH Ch Tucker Creeks WWW Dot Tom RTDsc OTDdsc HIsc HAd SDAs DNA-VP "Tommy"  
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) Las Rocosa Tom-Bull Thunder DNA-VP "Tomaz" 
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) TuckerCreek Mack Of All Trades DNA-VP "Mack"
Uncle (Robby's half-brother) Ch  Las Rocosa Ticket 2 Tucker Creek "Ticket"
Uncle (Robby's half-sister) WTCH HCHA Tucker Creeks Bows and Arrows HX RD RTDsc PATDsc OFTDds SDAs "Asti" 
Uncle (Robby's half-sister) WTCH Ch Diamond Aire Jade of Tucker Creek HA SDA "Jade"
Uncle (Couloir's half-brother) HOF CH
Lyrics Night And Day  "Cole"
Uncle (Couloir's half-brother) Ch 
Lyric Everready Still Standing OA NAJ "Elton"
Aunt (Couloir's half-sister) Ch Lyrics Make Believe NA NAJ RN "Megan"
Aunt (Couloir's half-sister) Ch Lyric Everready At Last OA OAJ JS-N RS-O "Etta"
Aunt (Couloir's half-sister) Ch Lyrics Follow Me "Emmy"


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