Coronado Sundown On Windy Mesa RN DNA-VP


red tri  ~  amber eyes  ~  natural bobbed tail/docked
DOB 2/15/08  ~  21 1/2" tall  ~  48 lbs.  ~  full dentition  ~  scissor bite
eyes CERF cleared  ~  HSF4 clear  ~  hips OFA good  ~  mdr1 normal/normal
ASCA & AKC registered
Nicknames: Lover Boy, Bono, Pokey, Snuggle Bug, Goofy, My Son, Silly Butt, Nub

This handsome guy is our sweet little lover boy! There's hardly a dull moment when he's around. He's a nose-nudger when he wants your attention, and quite the Licky-Lou, whether he's letting you know how much he loves you, or checking something new out (first he sniffs it, then he gives it a quick lick). He is very playful, his all-time favorite game being Keep-Away, whether it's with a ball, a bone or a twig. Or, if there's no one to play with, he'll glady throw a toy in the air for himself to fetch. He's a happy boy who really loves to have fun. He's about the biggest Momma's Boy you'll ever see, and a grinner to boot. He's quite the jumper, too, with a lot of spring in his step. He can also be very lazy when he wants to be, earning himself the nickname "Pokey". Sonny has a pleasant temperament and is a very fast learner. He's maturing into a very handsome boy, with excellent structure and gorgeous movement. We're very excited to add his bloodlines to our kennel foundation! Sonny's sire is pure Mistretta, a linebred grandson of HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard, the Mistretta's first Hall of Fame sire. Sonny's dam is a nice blend of Rosewood, Summertime and Starcross lines, bred my Coronado. As a puppy, Sonny was shown in conformation, but we decided to take a break from the breed ring, while he matured more and we focused primarily on his Rally training. When tested on sheep, Sonny proved that he thoroughly enjoys working livestock! He has excellent fetching instincts, and watches heads very nicely. He's also dabbled a bit in agility, learning the equipment, and showing that he has a natural knack for the sport. His debut weekend in Rally, he earned his AKC Novice title! I'm so proud of my Sonny Boy!
Thank you to Tony and Eileen Coronado for letting us have this wonderful boy! 

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HEALTH NOTE: A pup from Sonny's second litter was born completely deaf.
There are no known relatives in the puppy's pedigree that are/were deaf, or were reported to have produced any deaf offspring.
Click here to read an article regarding deafness in Aussies from the ASCA website.


5 years old

6 years old









Coronado Sundown On Windy Mesa RN DNA-VP
red tri   NBT   2/15/08
AS-26560G24M-PI   F=0.86%
E157007   DN21023707
Coronados Exclusive Sensation CGC DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (red-factored)   8/24/00
AS-17432E27M-PI   F=29.79%
E114118   DL84998804
WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   7/29/97
AS-13531E24M-T   F=25.67%
E90308   DL70193901
HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP
black tri (rf)   9/10/92   F=30.18%
Mistrettas Eagle Song
black tri   NBT   F=24.75%
WTCH Mistrettas Zagala Con Ojo Zaca
black tri (rf)   NBT   F=11.01%
HOF Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP
red merle c/w   NBT   7/17/94   F=18.47%
HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   NBT   F=21.38%
Mistrettas Natushi Linn
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=14.44%
Can-Ams Calais of Mistretta
black tri   NBT   8/4/94
AS-10502E29F   F=27.58%
E70715   DL54300405
HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   NBT   11/24/92   F=21.38%
Mistrettas Rough Eagle STDsc OTDd
blue merle c/w (rf)   NBT   F=22.12%
Jamies Painted Lady
blue merle c/w   F=15.13%
Mistrettas Calico Minx
black tri   9/25/90   F=33.58%
Ch Noahs Raindancer OTDsc ATDd DNA-CP
blue merle c/w   F=16.37%
Ch Mistrettas Gabriela Maja STDsc ATDd
blue merle c/w   NBT   F=40.03%
Coronados Sizzlin Attraction DNA-CP
black tri (red-factored)   4/29/02
AS-21478E41F-NOPI   F=12.83%
E121982   DN00733202
Coronados Oh So Sizzlin Hot CGC DNA-CP
red merle c/w   10/20/97
AS-13952E25M   F=12.43%
E94507   DL73990701
Coronado Gorgeous Hombre DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   2/8/96   F=7.72%
Rosewoods Doc Holiday
red tri   F=27.46%
M&Ms Summertime Joy
blue merle c/w   F=5.85%
Woodwinds ColorMe Red Sundown
red tri   11/28/97   F=13.40%
HOF CH Rosewoods Red Hot Special
red tri   F=19.46%
Irish Lullaby of Heatherhill
red tri   F=13.70%
Maggie Elaine of Starcross
black tri (rf)   10/27/96
AS-16625E63F-PI   F=11.96%
Ch Rockin At Midnite of Starcross
black tri   9/28/84   F=8.80%
ChMidnight Special of Somerset
black tri   F=8.60%
Rockin Robin of Starcross
blue merle c/w   F=18.61%
Nik-Naks Fatal Attack
red tri   11/28/93   F=11.50%
HOF CH Summertime Showdown of OldWest CGC DNA-CP
blue merle c/w (rf)   F=9.83%
Fatal Attraction of Starcross
red merle c/w   F=8.88%
Not sure what the letters in  red mean? Check out our Aussie Titles   page for an explanation.

Meet Sonny's Offspring

Sonny X CoCo Litter

Sonny X Leia Litter

Windy Mesa's Made In The Shade DNA-VP "Maddie"
(Sonny X Leia)


Meet some of Sonny's Family

Sonny's Sire
Coronado's Exclusive Sensation CGC DNA-CP "Bandit"
photo credit Barbara Reibold

Sonny's Dam Coronado's Sizzlin Attraction DNA-CP "Jesse"

Sonny's Littermates

Sonny's Full Siblings (Bandit X Jesse 2005 litter) 
Berrigan (top left) and Bluebelle (bottom right) were featured in the 2010 "For The Love Of Australian Shepherds" Calendar!

Grandsire WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP "Bandito"
Coronados Oh So Sizzlin Hot CGC DNA-CP "BG"
Can-Ams Calais of Mistretta "Kayla"
Great-Grandsire HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP "Hawk"
Great-Grandsire HOF WTCH
Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP "Lizard"
Great-Granddam HOF
Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP "Flower"
Mistrettas Calico Minx "Lica"
Great-Great Grandsire Mistrettas Eagle Song 
Great-Great Grandsire Mistrettas Rough Eagle STDsc OTDd
Great-Great Grandsire Noahs Raindancer OTDsc ATDd DNA-CP "Dan"
Great-Great Grandsire HOF CH Rosewoods Red Hot Special "Tunook"
Great-Great Grandsire HOF CH Summertime Showdown Of OldWest CGC DNA-CP "Partner"
Great-Great Granddam WTCH Mistrettas Zagala Con Ojo Zaca "Zaga"
Great-Great Granddam Mistrettas Natushi Linn 
Great-Great Granddam Jamies Painted Lady "Candy"
Great-Great Granddam Ch Mistrettas Gabriela Maja STDsc ATDd "Gabby"
Great-Great Granddam Fatal Attraction of Starcross


Other Family Members

Half-brother (Bandit X Belle) WTCH Coronados Gus of Victory Cross   HSAsc HRDI HTDI HTADI "Gus"
Half-brother (Bandit X Robin) HOF CH
Coronados Trubbling Sensation  STDds DNA-VP "Trubble" 
Half-brother (Bandit X Maybe)
Coronado Samson of NaritaFarms CGC DNA-CP "Sammy"
Half-brother (Bandit X Besa)
Gearhart's Black Titanium "Titan"
Half-brother (Bandit X Besa)
Gearhart River Ranger "River"
Half-brother (Bandit X Besa)
Gearhart Painted Bullet "Bullet"
Half-brother (Bandit X Reba) ÍCH 
4 Bar J Lizard's Dreamcatcher "Tigger"
Half-brother (Bandit X Jade)
Gearharts Rico Painted Red   RN "Rico"
Half-brother (Bandit X Jade) Gearharts Southfork Drifter CGC BN CD DNA-VP "Drifter"
Half-brother (Bandit X Asia)
Gearharts Thief In the Night STDsc DNA-VP"Outlaw"
Half-brother (Cowboy X Jesse) Coronados Trace It To Sundance "Trace"
Half-sister (Bandit X Yaky)
Coronado's Precious Sensation "Precious"
Half-sister (Bandit X Reba) 4 Bar J Lucky Kiana  "Lucky"
Half-sister (Bandit X Cleo) Gearharts Singing Biloxi Blues RN DNA-VP "Biloxi"
Half-sister (Bandit X Cleo)
Hoodoos Eyecatcher Sky Spirit "Jasmine"  
Half-sister (Bandit X Cleo)
Hoodoo's Spirit of Spinoff "Spirit"  
Half-sister (Bandit X Allie) Touchstone Xtra Xtra Spicy "Kate"
Half-sister (Bandit X Asia)
Gearharts Dressed In Red STDs DNA-VP "Miaka"
Half-sister (Bandit X Asia)
Gearharts Black Jade of Asia DNA-VP "Jade"
Half-sister (Bandit X Sunna) Gearharts News Flash  "Caption"
Half-sister (Dane X Jesse)
Coronados Dangerous Attraction "Chiquita"
Half-sister (Choco X Jesse)
Coronados Dancing Attraction "GoGo"
Uncle (Bandit's littermate)
Honky Tonk Houston of Gearhart DNA-CP "Houston"
Uncle (Bandit's half-brother) Ch
Mistrettas Bear Named Ballou STDs DNA-CP "Bear" 
Aunt (Bandit's half-sister) Roxy Ballou of Gearhart  "Roxy"
Aunt (Jesse's half-sister)
Ewe R My Sunshine of Coronado DNA-CP "Sunshine"
Aunt (Jesse's half-sister)
Coronado's Braveheart In Blue DNA-CP "Brave"
Aunt (Jesse's half-sister)
Coronado's Yakity Yak "Yaky"
Aunt (Jesse's half-sister)
Coronado's Dotty West "Dotty"
Great Uncle (BG's littermate) Connor Coronado of Slinfold "Connor"

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