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The following Aussies are standing at stud to approved females
(Hip & Eye clearances and Brucellosis test required ; see bottom of page for more details)


Each dog is ungroomed and au naturale in the following pictures
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*  M I S T R E T T A   S I R E D  *
Coronado Sundown On Windy Mesa

(Coronados Exclusive Sensation CGC DNA-CP x Coronados Sizzlin Attraction DNA-CP)

 red tri
natural bobbed tail
ASCA & AKC registered 
hips OFA rated good (#AS-26560G24M-PI)
eyes CERF cleared 3/13/14 (#AS-EYE626)
brucellosis tested negative 1/18/12
HSF4 clear (#AC3674385)
full dentition, scissor bite
mdr1 normal/normal
21 1/2" tall, 48 lbs.

Sonny is a very sweet boy and a wonderful buddy. He's super athletic, and loves to run, jump and play. He has correct structure and gorgeous movement, with a smooth, steady stride. His debut weekend in Rally, he earned his RN title in AKC. Sonny's sire is pure linebred Mistretta, producing conformation and working champions; and his dam is a nice blend of California show lines, including Rosewood, Summertime and Starcross. Sonny has been shown sparingly in conformation, garnering multiple first placements in his class. To date, Sonny has sired two litters, and we are very pleased with the results! Puppy buyers from the first litter he sired were so impressed, two families were happy to purchase a pup from his second litter also, and we retained one for ourselves (click here for Maddie's webpage).



*  O U R   F I R S T   H O M E B R E D   B O Y   *
WindyMesa RufNTumbleRedi2Rumble CGC RN DNA-VP

(Rising Sun Jim Beam CGC DNA-CP x Legends StarN WannaTalkBoutMe CGC DNA-VP)   

  black bi (red-factored)
ASCA & AKC registered 
hips OFA good (#AS-28086G34M-VPI)
eyes CERF cleared 3/14/14 (#AS-EYE176)
brucellosis tested negative 11/2/12
HSF4 clear (#AC1181709)
full dentition, scissor bite
mdr1 normal/normal
21 1/2" tall, 59 lbs.

Bruiser has certainly lived up to his name - he likes to play rough and he's always ready to go! Beating beneath that solid chest is a heart of pure gold. He is our Diamond in the Rough. His short, slick coat is perfect for the hot, arrid climate we live in, allowing stickers and debris to fall right off him and never matting. He has matured into a very handsome dog, with a nice even temperament. He has had training in Rally, Obedience and Agility. His debut weekend in Rally, he earned 2 legs toward his RN title in AKC. Bruiser is a proven sire and producer of gorgeous dark reds. His get are best suited for ranch life, as they are high drive with intense prey instincts, and are proven tough on cattle, fearlessly hitting both heads and heels.  Click here to see the pups from his first litter.


Sample Stud Contract

If you are sincerely interested in using one of our Studs,
please complete and return this mandatory
Stud Service Questionnaire 



Contact us for a Stud Packet, which includes:
* stud profile
* current pictures
* sample stud contract
* five-generation pedigree
* copies of registration certificates
* copies of all current health clearances & vaccinations

We do not stand our studs to any breed other than purebred Australian Shepherds.

Our starting Stud Fee is $500 or pick of the litter - our choice.
(Studs with two or more performance titles stand at $650; Champion Stud fees start at $800)

Bitch MUST be free of fleas, ticks, worms and any sexually transmitted disease and must be in good overall health before coming to our stud.

We will guarantee two live, healthy and properly colored puppies (one live, healthy puppy to bitches over 8 years of age); if less than the specified number of puppies meeting this criteria are produced, a return service will be provided to the same bitch in a later heat cycle.

The bitch must not be exposed to any other stud dog prior to or after being bred to the agreed stud. If any question of parentage should arise, we reserve the right to request DNA testing of the puppies.

The Bitch Owner will be asked to report the sex, color and tail lengths of the puppies promptly after birth, and to share any health clearances, concerns or genetic problems experienced by any pup in the litter at any age in a timely fashion.

Bitches being flown in will be subject to additional fees, including traveling expenses to and from the airport and boarding fees, if applicable.

Any litter sired by a Windy Mesa Stud will receive free advertising on this website until the litter has sold.

We reserve the right to refuse services to any bitch or breeder at our discretion.


Chris & Esther Ivey   *   P.O. Box 1216, Bloomfield NM 87413   *   phone & fax (505)333-2662   *   cell (505)215-3287   *


If you're in the area, you are more than welcome to come visit our kennel and meet our boys!



What is an "APPROVED" bitch?


     As advocates for the Australian Shepherd breed, we try our best to make sure that we breed only quality specimens. This applies to all the breeding stock in our kennel, as well as any outside studs we choose to use and any outside bitches intended to be bred to our studs. There are countless purebred dog enthusiasts that whelp litters without taking into consideration the possible health risks, physical defects and hereditary diseases common in their breed. We do.
     Any bitch wishing to be bred to one of our studs must have all of the following clearances:

1) Eyes examined by a CERF-certified ophthalmologist within the last year. This is to ensure that the bitch is free of any hereditary eye diseases, as such problems are quite common in Aussies.

2) Hips x-rayed and rated by the OFA*. To ensure that the bitch does not have hip dysplasia; a rating of fair, good or excellent is acceptable. *NOTE: Do not have your bitch’s hips tested if she is or is about to come into heat, as the hips are more relaxed, and the results will be inaccurate. It's best to wait until 3-4 weeks before she comes into season, or 3-4 weeks after her heat cycle has ended.

3) Tested negative for Brucellosis within the last year. Brucellosis is a sexually transmitted disease that could cause sterility in both the bitch and stud, and could kill the bitch’s unborn puppies.

4) Pedigree tracing back at least 5 generations. Pedigree allows one to research the family history of the bitch, and to know what physical and medical traits the puppies may inherit, as well as ensure that the bitch is indeed a purebred Australian Shepherd.

     These clearances are the bare minimum that we require by all outside bitches. There are other tests available to ensure that your bitch is a quality specimen of the breed. For a list of ailments common in Australian Shepherds, please visit the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute website.
     Before being bred to our stud, the bitch owner must provide copies of the bitch's (1) most recent vaccinations, (2) current rabies certificate, (3) OFA hip rating certificate, (4) CERF examination report, (5) most recent brucellosis test results, (6) any other health clearances or certificates, (7) DNA certificates (if applicable), (8) registration certificates, (9) 5-generation pedigree , and (10) current pictures of the animal.
     We thank you for your cooperation, and for doing your part to help ensure a healthful future for our wonderful breed!

Before considering a Merle to Merle breeding please read this article

Litters Sired by Our Boys

Beamer X Gabby 2008

Bruiser X Belle 2012

Sonny X CoCo 2013

Sonny X Leia 2014


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