Windy Mesa Australian Shepherds

Aussie Titles



ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America
AKC - American Kennel Club
CKC - Canadian Kennel Club
UKC - United Kennel Club
AHBA - American Herding Breed Association
NADAC - North American Dog Agility Council
NAFA - North American Flyball Association
USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association
IDDHA - International Disc Dog Handlers Association
WCFO - World Canine Freestyle Organization, Inc.
TDI - Therapy Dogs International, Inc.
ATA - American Treibball Association
BHA - Barn Hunt Association

Herding Titles:

ASCA:  STD - Started Trial Dog (d = ducks, s = sheep, c = cattle; example: STDdsc)
            OTD - Open Trial Dog (ducks, sheep and cattle)
            ATD - Advanced Trial Dog (ducks, sheep and cattle)
            WTCH - Working Trial Champion (earned by achieving all three ATD titles)
            PATD - Post Advanced Trial Dog (sheep and cattle)
            RD - Ranch Dog 
            RTD - Ranch Trial Dog (sheep and cattle)
            RDX - Ranch Dog Excellent
AKC:    HT - Herding Tested
            PT - Pre-Trial Tested
            HS - Herding Started
            HSA - Herding Started Course A (d = ducks, s = sheep, c = cattle; example: HSAd) 
            HSB - Herding Started Course B (ducks, sheep and cattle) 
            HSC - Herding Started Course C (sheep only) 
            HI - Herding Intermediate 
            HIA - Herding Intermediate Course A (ducks, sheep and cattle) 
            HIB - Herding Intermediate Course B (ducks, sheep and cattle) 
            HIC - Herding Intermediate Course C (sheep only)
            HX - Herding Excellent
            HXA - Herding Excellent Course A (ducks, sheep and cattle) 
            HXB - Herding Excellent Course B (ducks, sheep and cattle) 
            HXC - Herding Excellent Course C (sheep only)
            HC - Herding Champion
CKC:   HS - Herding Started
            HI - Herding Intermediate
            HX - Herding Excellent
AHBA:  HCT - Herding Capable Tested
            JHD - Junior Herding Dog
            HRD - Herding Ranch Dog (I = Started level, II = Intermediate, III = Advanced; example: HRDI)
            HTD - Herding Trial Dog (I, II, III)
            RLF - Ranch - Large Flock (I, II & III)
            HTAD - Herding Trial Arena Dog (I, II, III)
            HTCH - Herding Trial Champion
            (d = ducks, s = sheep, c = cattle, g = goats, ge = geese, t = turkeys, m = mixed stock, mp = mixed poultry; example: HTDIIId)

Conformation Titles:

            Ch - Conformation Champion
            A-Ch - Altered Conformation Champion (ASCA only)
AKC:   GCH - Grand Champion
UKC:   U-CH - Conformation Champion

Obedience Titles:

            CD - Companion Dog 
            CDX - Companion Dog Excellent  
            ODX - Open Dog Excellent
            UD - Utility Dog 
            UDX - Utility Dog Excellent 
            OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion
            NOC - National Obedience Champion (AKC only)
AKC:    BN - Beginner Novice
UKC:   U-OCH - Obedience Champion

Agility Titles:

ASCA:  RS - Regular Standard (-N = Novice, -O = Open, -E = Elite: example: RS-N)
            JS - Jumpers Standard (Novice, Open and Elite)
            GS - Gamblers Standard (Novice, Open and Elite)
            RV - Regular Veteran (Novice, Open and Elite)
            JV - Jumpers Veteran (Novice, Open and Elite)
            GV - Gamblers Veteran (Novice, Open and Elite)
            RJ - Regular Junior (Novice, Open and Elite)
            JJ - Jumpers Junior (Novice, Open and Elite)
            GJ - Gamblers Junior (Novice, Open and Elite)
            ATCH - Agility Trial Champion
            -OP - Outstanding Performance (example: RS-N-OP)
            -SP - Superior Performance (example: RS-N-SP)
AKC:    NA - Novice Agility (J = Jumpers with Weaves; example: NAJ)
            OA - Open Agility (Jumpers)
            AX - Agility Excellent (Jumpers)
            MX - Master Agility Excellent (Jumpers)
            MACH - Master Agility Champion
            NAC - National Agility Champion
CKC:   AGN - Novice
            AGI - International
            AGX - Excellent A
            AGMX - Excellent B
UKC:   UAG - United Agility Title (levels I & II; example: UAGII)
            UACH - United Agility Champion
            UACHX - United Agility Champion Excellent
            UAGRACH - United Grand Agility Champion
            _AC - Agility Certificate (N = Novice, O = Open, E = Elite; example: NAC)
            _JC - Jumpers Certificate ((Novice, Open and Elite)
            _GC - Gamblers Certificate (Novice, Open and Elite)
            NATCH - NADAC Agility Trial Champion
            O - Outstanding Performance (example: O-NAC)
            S - Superior Performance (example: S-NAC)
            -V - Veterans (example: NAC-V)
            -J - Juniors (example: NAC-J)
            -JH - Junior Handler (example: NAC-JH)
            TN - Tunnelers Certificate (-N = Novice, -O = Open, -E = Elite; example: TN-N)
            WV - Weavers Certificate (Novice, Open and Elite)
            TG - Touch N Go Certificate (Novice, Open and Elite)
            AD - Agility Dog
            AAD - Advanced Agility Dog
            MAD - Master Agility Dog
            _M - Master Certificate (J = Jumpers, G = Gamblers, S = Snookers, R = Relay; example: JM)
            VAD - Veteran Agility Dog
            ADCH - Agility Dog Champion

Tracking Titles:

            TD - Tracking Dog
            TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent
            VST - Variable Surface Tracking (AKC only)
            CT - Champion Tracker (AKC only)


            RN - Rally Novice (regular, X & C; example: RNX)
            RA - Rally Advanced (regular, X & C)
            RE - Rally Excellent (regular, X & C)
RM - Rally Masters (regular, X & C)
            REM - Rally Excellent Masters (regular & X)
            RTC - Rally Trial C (achieved after receiving a C-title in Novice through Masters)
            RTCH - Rally Trial Champion
            RN - Rally Novice
            RE - Rally Excellent
            RA - Rally Advanced
            RAE - Rally Advanced Excellent
            RNC - AKC Rally National Champion
            URO - United Rally Obedience (levels 1, 2 & 3; example: URO1)
            UROC - United Rally Obedience Champion

Flyball: (NAFA only, AKC recognized)

            FD - Flyball Dog
            FDX - Flyball Dog Excellent
            FDCH - Flyball Dog Champion
            FM - Flyball Master
            FMX - Flyball Master Excellent
            FMCH - Flyball Master Champion
            FGDCH - Flyball Grand Champion

Frisbee: (IDDHA only)

            BDD - Basic Disc Dog
            ADD - Advanced Disc Dog
            MDD - Master Disc Dog
            CSF - Combined Skills Freestyle
            DDX - Disc Dog Expert

Musical Freestyle: (WCFO only)

            W-FD - Freestyle Dog Beginner (Singles, P = Pairs, T = Teams, B = Brace; example: W-PFD)
            W-FDX - Freestyle Dog Novice (Singles, Pairs, Teams & Brace)
            W-FDM - Freestyle Dog Intermediate (Singles, Pairs, Teams & Brace)
            W-CHFD - Freestyle Dog Advanced (Singles, Pairs, Teams & Brace)
            W-CH.PDP - Champion Perfect Dance Partners (Singles)
            W-PCH.PDP - Champion Perfect Dance Partners (Pairs)
            W-SSFD - Sassy Senior Freestyle Dog (Beginners, X = Novice, M = Intermediate)
            W-CH.SSFD - Champion Sassy Senior Freestyle Dog
            W-HDFD - Handi Dandi Freestyle Dog (Beginners, X = Novice, M = Intermediate)
            W-CH.HDFD - Champion Handi Dandi Freestyle Dog
            W-DD - Dancing Dog (X = Excellent, M = Master; example: W-DDX)
            W-CH.DD - Champion Dancing Dog
            W-SSDD - Sassy Senior Dance Dog (Excellent and Master)
            W-ChSSDD - Champion Sassy Senior Dance Dog
            W-HDDD - Handi Dandi Dance Dog (Excellent and Master)
            W-ChHDDD - Champion Handi Dandi Dance Dog

Therapy Titles: (TDI only)

            TDI - Therapy Dogs International Certified Therapy Dog
            TDIA - Therapy Dogs International Active Working Title
            TDIAOV - Therapy Dogs International Active Outstanding Volunteer
            TDIRVA - Therapy Dogs International Remarkable Volunteer Award
            TDIEVA - Therapy Dogs International Exceptional Volunteer Award
            TWT - Tail Waggin' Tutors Award

Treibball: (ATA only)

            ATA-B - Beginner
            ATA-I - Intermediate
            ATA-X - Excellent
            ATA-Ch - Treibball Champion

Barn Hunt: (BHA only, AKC recognized)

            RATN - Novice Barn Hunt
            RATO - Open Barn Hunt
            RATS - Senior Barn Hunt
            RATM - Master Barn Hunt
            RATCh - Barn Hunt Champion
            RATChX - Master Barn Hunt Champion

DNA Titles:

ASCA:  DNA-CP - DNA Certified Profiled
            DNA-VP - DNA Verified Parentage
AKC:    DNA - DNA Profiled

Special Honors:

ASCA:  HOF - Hall of Fame (applies to sires, dams and kennels)
            HOFX - Hall of Fame Excellent
            VCH - Versatility Champion
            SVCH - Supreme Versatility Champion
            PCH - Performance Champion
            SPCH - Supreme Performance Champion
AKC:    CGC - Canine Good Citizen
            DC - Dual Champion
            TC - Triple Champion
            VCD - Versatile Companion Dog (1, 2, 3 or 4; example: VCD1)
            VCCH - Versatile Companion Champion
USASA: ROM - Record of Merit (I, II and III; example: ROMIII)
            ROMX - Record of Merit Excellent (I, II and III)
            HOF - Hall of Fame (applies to sires, dam and kennels)
            HOFX - Hall of Fame Excellent


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